Some additional maps and pictures of the spectacular Datca peninsula and Datca town



South west corner of Türkiye - Datca peninsula and surrounding towns, islands – where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean - Right hand map shown the topology; brown areas are mountains – darker the higher

Datca peninsula - approximately 80 Kms long, a spectacular coastline, many forests (pine, eucalyptus, literally millions of trees), hundreds of thousands of olive, almond, orange, lemon, mandarin, fig, … trees and many local producers of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables


All Wooden boats are still being built in and around Datca – especially in the Bozburun peninsula (south east of Datca) - daily boat trips of ~ 1 hr will take you there





Datca in spring which starts in February with the almond trees blooming with their delicate white flowers, followed by wild tulips, anemones, orchids, ... - the whole peninsula is a botanical feast of wild flowers (some of which exist only in Datca) until ~May/June


Typical beach area of the many around the peninsula





Datca town little peninsula - tiny peninsula within a large peninsula


Datca yacht marina at high season (July – Sept)



Gulet yachts and fishing boats in the nearby Kargi bay


Local kilim (flat-weave) weaving


Hayt buku, ~8 Kms by road, 30 mins by boat, a beautiful natural beach (few locally owned simple restaurants on the beach where you can eat, swim rest, read all day if you wish.


Some of the thousands of olive trees, many are hundreds of years old (Villa Yavuz has an olive tree that is 100+ years old in its garden together with 3 smaller ones)


And one of the best olive oils in the world is produced right next door in Resadiye - Guller Dagi ciftligi (



From Datca town "stony beach"